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Lubricants & Additives

Lubricants & Additives

Lubricants & Additives

Brake Fluids

Brake fluid specially developed for the use in hydraulic brake or clutch systems for cars, motorcycles or light trucks.


Highly effective products for cleaning chrome, nicked and aluminum surfaces. Additionally we offer unique care products for long-lasting protection from aging.

All types of paint finisher

Lubricants & Additives
Lubricants & Additives


Cooling liquids suitable for aluminium and cast iron cooling systems. Provides all year long protection against overheating and corrosion.


Engine lubricants are crucial elements that directly impact the fuel efficiency and durability of your car engine. Engine manufacturers recommend engine oil according to performance & viscosity specifications following the below standards:

API (American Petroleum Institute, USA)
ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers Association)
Company Standards of engine and vehicle manufacturers (VW, MB, MAN, VOLVO)

Always follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Lubricants & Additives
Lubricants & Additives

Screen Washers

Highly effective screen washer for all types of vehicles. Protects the washer system from scale and sediments and improves visibility by removing residues and common dirt.